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Cure You Barn-Sour or Herd-Bound Horse

Sour barn horses are unpleasant and dangerous to handle. They usually become this way by getting away with this type of behavior or by not being taken away from home or their friends for a long time. They don’t want to leave the barn or their friends behind and will most likely run home. These horses are usually fine with other animals on the trail and away from home, but you can’t make them go alone for nothing.

What you do to fix this problem will largely depend on the magnitude of the problem; Is the horse dangerous? Do you try to run back to your stall or your pasture no matter what gets in your way? If he does any of these things, he needs an immediate reprimand. These problems can be solved by walking or riding the horse away from home, and if you think he is going to run back to the stable or to his friends and you are riding and you are afraid of hurting yourself, dismount and hand carry him home. He can’t run if you’re leading him. If he tries to run while you’re carrying him, use your weight as leverage and push back against his shoulder. Or, if you want to be able to get him home, stay mounted, but go around him every time he tries to run. His bad behavior will go away soon, especially if you surround him every time he tries to charge home. Spinning a horse always forces it to listen to you; and he can’t run if you’re pushed against his shoulder for leverage, and you go around him at the same time, or if he’s riding you in a tight circle.

If he’s just tied to the pack and hates leaving his friends, try taking him away from your house for a mile or so every day and it will eventually become a normal routine; try to do it at the time you usually ride so that it associates leaving home with riding time. Once the horse is calm on the trail being ridden, try to saddle and mount it on the trail; if he reverts to his old behavior, dismount and force him to walk beside you. Try talking to him if you’re riding him and he doesn’t want to move on, that will surely comfort him because then he’ll know he’s not alone. Using all of these techniques will usually fix your sour horse in the stable or herd.

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