Make Nursing CEUs Mandatory

Nursing CEUs Mandatory

It is critical to maintain one’s RN license and specialty license, and to maintain continuing education credits (CEUs) in order to maintain your certification. These CEUs can help you grow professionally and advance your knowledge. But you should be careful in choosing the courses you take. Choosing the right classes can help you learn new skills, improve your nursing knowledge, and network with fellow RNs.

Taking Free CEUs for Nurses can take many forms, from online courses to attending seminars and workshops. Some CEUs are free and others cost just a small fee. You may even be able to find a CEU provider that offers a flat rate for a large number of courses. In addition to CEU courses, you can also read professional literature online. One CEU credit is equal to 10 contact hours, and it is necessary to record how many you earn each year in order to maintain your nursing license.

Taking continuing education classes can also be a fun way to get your CE credits, so you might even combine your classes with a vacation. Some CE providers offer CE seminars on cruises or tropical getaways. Not only are these seminars a great way to keep up with your CE requirements, but they also provide you with the opportunity to meet other nurses and scout out travel nursing opportunities.

Make Nursing CEUs Mandatory

Continuing education courses are essential to keeping your license current and your patients safe. ANCC-approved courses are important not only for your career, but also for your earning potential. By staying updated, you’ll be able to offer the best care possible to patients. If you’re a busy nurse, however, you might have a hard time fitting in the required CE hours each year. There is no need to worry, though – there’s still plenty of time to fulfill your requirements.

If you want to pursue nursing CEUs in your career, you should ensure that the course you’re enrolled in is accredited by a recognized organization. You can also check with your state board to make sure that it meets specific state requirements. The goal of continuing education is to improve the skills of nursing staff and promote career advancement. The best way to achieve this is to take CEUs from accredited sources.

In addition to continuing education, you should consider taking HIV/AIDS courses as part of your certification renewal. These courses help you gain more knowledge and skills for the job. They also help you understand how to handle cases where a patient has been exposed to a form of abuse. For example, the Shaken Baby Syndrome course educates nurses on how to recognize and prevent this type of childhood trauma.

While most states have no CEU requirements, some states require certain types of courses. For instance, nurses in New York must complete a course on identifying and reporting child abuse. Michigan nurses must take one hour of pain management education, and nurses in New York must complete a course on infection control.

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