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Clutch kit: Why is my clutch stiff?

The clutch in a car is what makes a manual transmission work. The clutch is compressed so that the driver can change gear, thus increasing speed. Sometimes the clutch will have problems that could cause it to be stiff.

Clutch stiffness can be uncomfortable while driving because the harder it is to push in, the more force you’ll need. Here are some of the reasons why the clutch is stiff:

  • Damaged Clutch Cable – This cable must have the maximum amount of tension for push-pull motion. This cable is made of steel so that it will last for long periods of time. Helps with the gear changing process by extending to disengage the clutch.
  • Damaged Master Clutch Cylinders – Usually when a master cylinder is damaged, it will leak. The leak in the master cylinder releases fluid, which means it can no longer generate the correct amount of pressure.
  • Air Bubble in Hydraulic Line – The hydraulic system cannot have air present because the system runs on fluids such as oil, brake fluid, and clutch fluid. This line helps with the transport of the hydraulics to the different components.
  • Misadjusted Clutch Linkage – Because the system works to very close tolerances, an error like a misadjusted clutch linkage could be detrimental to your driving experience. A specific amount of force must be used when applying the different pedals. It is this bond that controls that force.
  • Wrong Components: Not all clutch parts are compatible with the factory clutch kit already installed on your car. Compatible parts are important in the structure of a car. Some systems will use different applications.
  • Another problem that could cause a stiff or hard clutch is a worn release bearing or clutch release bearing. This component applies pressure to the fingers of the pressure plate to allow the release of the clutch while turning. You can easily spot this problem with a low rolling sound as well as a stiff clutch pedal.

An issue like this should be checked and fixed immediately. This type of problem can go on for years and many people only react once it drastically affects their driving. This could become a dangerous game, especially if you don’t know what the problem is with your car and you don’t have a mechanic nearby. A manual transmission car will not be able to function without a properly installed clutch kit.

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