Why is the shopping cart logo the most common mall logo?

One cannot imagine running a retail business in today’s competitive and advanced world without marketing it to the target audience and for marketing, some identity mark or emblem is definitely needed for people to distinguish the business; In particular, for the promotion of supermarket chains or large shopping malls, there is a need for memorable and captivating logos to attract the public towards them. I was planning to design a logo for a shopping mall and was looking at images of some popular shopping districts around the world when I discovered this amazing fact: Most shopping malls, all over the world, use images of carts in their emblems. Since all companies want to have individuality and exclusivity, this absolute commonality in their brand signs cannot be there by chance. So, there must be some idea behind it.

What do these carts represent?

I and I think most people start shopping by selecting a cart, based on the number and size of items I plan to buy. If I’m there to shop for groceries for a full month, I’ll definitely look for the larger handcart, but if it’s an occasional visit to pick up a few items, a small basket will do. Thus, a cart symbolizes the first need to buy and, through its size, the variety of items that are available under one roof. The wheels represent the speed and pace at which you can buy an entire month’s worth of groceries in just one hour. They also remind you of the flexibility you can enjoy when shopping for items in supermarkets: look through the range of items before selecting the one that best suits your needs.

Big store shopping symbol

You generally won’t find such handcarts in small retail stores, or any other type of store. They are the specialty of large supermarkets and shopping centers. So a shopping cart logo is expected to tell you, with just a glance, that it’s something shopping related. He tells her that instead of deciding on grocery items in advance, she can simply visit the location and look at the variety to choose the ones she wants. For those who love shopping, the image of a trolley is like a red cloth for a bull. They cannot be easily stopped and ultimately rush to the place to satisfy their craving for shopping.

So if you plan to create an attractive logo design that can successfully market your retail business, find a professional logo designer who can use the shopping cart image in a unique way.

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