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Why a Hollister Model Diet and Exercise Routine Is So Different Than Yours

Why do Hollister models who sport a good amount of muscle mass look so different from the average bodybuilder in gyms today? Could there be a reason that your muscles look more visually impressive than the average weightlifter or is it due to good genetics? Is it possible to be as slim and fit as these models? Many people wonder this, but it’s important to understand why a Hollister diet and exercise routine are radically different from your average muscle-building program.

Strategic muscle gains in all the right places

A Hollister model muscle building program is specifically designed to enhance certain areas of the body. This is done on purpose so that the overall appearance is visually impressive. They focus on addressing both sarcoplasmic muscle growth and myofibrillar hypertrophy to obtain adequate muscle mass and density. The areas of the body that receive the most attention are the upper and inner chest, biceps, triceps, delts, and back. Adding muscle size and density in these areas can dramatically improve your appearance. But did you notice that the traps and lower body were not included?

Why Direct Leg Work Is Not Necessary

Hollister models do not have huge legs or protruding mop muscles. Building the cheat muscles will hide the appearance of wide, angular shoulders and create a more rounded appearance. A thick back and neck is undesirable. It is very important that your upper body looks like a “V.” This is why exercises like squats and deadlifts are generally avoided. Squats and deadlifts do a great job of adding mass to the hips, thighs, glutes, and waist. You don’t want excess mass in these areas of the body. Adding muscle to these areas will remove the thin, angular “V” worn by the upper body. Do not worry; you’re not a “bodybuilding heretic” for skipping straight leg work. Having too much lower body mass can make it difficult for models to adjust to pants or jeans. Models should be able to look modern, not big and bulky. Well defined legs don’t have to be big. HIIT cardio and a good diet will give you the right size and definition.

But what about Six Pack Abs?

Of course, this is a fact. You can’t be a pretty model without good abs. Hollister models obviously have this as a science. His abdominal muscles are not large or bulky, but they are well defined. Planks do a great job of sculpting the midsection without adding bulk, while hanging leg raises develop the “V” between the lower hips and abs. Having a slim, angular waist is extremely important to models. Even though planks and hanging leg raises are great abs exercises, did you know that the key to revealing your abs actually has nothing to do with abdominal exercises? Diet is the most important aspect of a perfect abs. I don’t care what your trainer or gym buddy says about the best abs exercises if your diet is out of control. As long as you consume more calories than you burn, you will continue to have stubborn body fat that will blur your definition.

Diet is key to defining the whole body

Now that we’ve established that good abs have more to do with diet than anything else, what about the rest of your body? Hollister models have very low body fat levels. This can be very difficult for people to achieve because they tend to underestimate the amount of food they actually eat in a day. If the goal is to lose fat, everything in your mouth counts. Models don’t eat like the great bodybuilders or the average gym rat. If you want to lose weight, then you need to cut down on the junk and fill it with high-intensity interval training. Combining intermittent fasting and HIIT training routines with your muscle building program will burn off that stubborn list of body fat in no time. Simply eating less with high intensity cardio will help you stay lean and maintain low levels of body fat comparable to Hollister models.

Why A Little Chubby Models Don’t Make The Cut

This is the reason why the diet and exercise routine of the Hollister models are so specific that they will never be considered slightly chubby models. Being “photo ready” is crucial for models. This is why they have to stay lean and bad all year long. Although it takes a lot more discipline to stay slim and fit, it pays off in the photoshoot.

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