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“Three Gifts” is Mary Flinn’s third gift of true love to her readers.

Who wants to read a book about happily married people? Well, if the author of the book is Mary Flinn, I do. It would be easy to dismiss “Three Gifts” as a romance novel, but it is more than that. Few romance novels tell the story of what happened after the wedding; We’ve all heard jokes about how once they got married, Prince Charming made Cinderella clean the castle and the fairy tale is over. But Mary Flinn is not afraid to act out marriage and does not write fairy tale romances. Your lovers may be a step above the way they treat each other, but they serve as a beautiful example of what marriage can be if people really care about each other and don’t allow the world and others. people, or small jealousies and fears, interfere. with your most important relationship.

The two main characters, Chelsea and Kyle, were first introduced to readers in Flinn’s novel “The One” as high school seniors who fell in love. High school romances don’t always last, and Kyle and Chelsea had their share of problems to overcome, but they pulled it off so well that “Three Gifts,” the third in the series, begins with their marriage. From that opening scene, readers travel through the first year of Kyle and Chelsea’s married life as they dream of happiness, worry about finances, face family crises, and hope to have children.

In these pages there are marital concerns, but also tender moments. There are ghosts from the past, like Kyle’s father’s suicide that keeps rearing its ugly head, but there are also moments of healing connected to those sad memories. Beyond the excitement and romance, Kyle and Chelsea have to dig deeper to find the love within them that will carry them through the most difficult times.

And for me, perhaps best of all, there are comebacks from a great cast of supporting characters, loving friends and family, all of whom feel like my old friends from the previous two books “The One” and “Second Time’s a Charm.” . “The reader is absorbed by the warmth of these loving people until he (yes,” he “) feels part of the family. Who says that romance novels are only for women? Men would enjoy being part of this world , and male characters like Kyle and his best friend Glen are a perfect entry point. After all, what man wouldn’t want a sexy babe like Chelsea, especially when her warmth goes beyond her figure to her kindness, her strength Kyle is a lucky man. What Flinn describes is what marriage should be like and I hope this book will make your readers aspire to such relationships. For me, the magic and The amazement you feel when reading “Three Gifts” can be summed up in a sentence from Kyle’s thoughts: “Knowing that he would never be alone again filled him with gratitude.” We should all be as lucky as Kyle and Chelsea, not just in their mutual love, but in c mo that love is supported by everyone around them.

It’s sad to think that “Three Gifts” is the last book on these characters. Flinn has plans to write other books not related to this series, which I look forward to, but hope that one day it will allow us to reenter the world of Kyle and Chelsea again.

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