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The path to crystal clear health

Alternative medicine has provided the world with a vast ocean of methods to heal people. Many of these methods involve the use of raw natural resources in specific techniques to release a host of healing powers. One of those methods is crystal healing.

As is evident from the term itself, crystal healing involves the use of crystals to relieve different problems in the body. As crystal healing is a holistic technique, it believes in balancing physical and mental energies for overall wellness.

Crystal healing is an ancient method that has appeared in a variety of cultures: Indian, Chinese and European healers in the past have regarded quartz as an important rock, which has many mystical properties. To understand crystal healing in its true depth, the concept of Chakra must first be understood.

The Seven Chakra Systems

Most schools of thought consider the following areas of the body to be chakra points: the crown/tip of the skull, the brow region, the throat, the heart and lungs region, the stomach, and the lower abdomen. , the sacrum and the root ganglia.

Crystal healers believe that a person is ill primarily because their chakras are not well balanced. There is a distortion at certain nodes. To overcome these distortions, special crystals can be placed on these nodes and in the process energy will be supplied to these regions. In this way, the crystals can be used to restore balance and revive health. Many gems and stones are used in crystal healing, but the most effective is quartz.

mysteries of quartz

Although quartz and other crystals are inert, they resonate with the ultimate source of life. Take the fact that our bodies are made mostly of silicone and water. We have a natural affinity with crystals. It is natural to believe that crystals can act as energy intermediaries.

Nature has configured quartz with many special properties. Its unique angles allow it to reflect many different sources of energy at different frequencies. In fact, quartz is a professional favorite not only in crystal healing but also in sound healing techniques.

In the book, “Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies” by Richard Gerber, clarifies some fundamentals of quartz healing techniques. Quoting from the book,

“When a single quartz crystal is used in meditation, it should be held in the left hand. The rationale behind this practice is that the left hand is neurologically connected to the right cerebral hemisphere. The right hemisphere, in turn, appears to be attuned to higher dimensional, Higher Self fields of consciousness because the right brain has unique crystalline connections to the pineal gland.”

This is one of the many ways that crystals can specifically attack and heal.

personalized crystal healing

Perhaps the most unique part of crystal healing is that each crystal has a specific function. An expert healer will first observe their client’s ailments in detail, see the client’s general energy state, and monitor the type of crystals that are required for the healing procedure.

There are many different stone systems and different healers will adopt their own understanding of these stones. Each different colored stone is intended for a specific purpose. For example, the heart region generally requires green or pink crystals, and this can range from rose quartz to emerald.

A client is required to look at their stones, and there is usually a trial period where the healer will determine which stones the client is most sensitive to. These stones will prove to be the most effective crystals. The client is then made to lie down and the crystals are placed on their vital points. As time passes, the crystals absorb certain frequencies and transfer this energy to the points, resulting in a balance in the chakra.

Crystal healing, like most holistic techniques, requires a bit of faith in the healer. It is a method that has been fruitful for multiple ancient civilizations and continues to be a popular choice. The key is to approach an experienced healer.


Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies, by Richard Gerber

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