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List Marketing

There are several ways to market your pre-foreclosure data. The most effective way to get the highest response on this list is to develop a letter or brochure that is sent directly to the homeowner and that grabs their attention right when they open it. Postcards are not as effective as a letter or flyer because once the owner checks his mail, he will see what he has to offer on that postcard within 30 seconds of checking the mail. The way I see it, most people who receive and review a postcard right away usually throw it away or at least I do. Telemarketing this data is extremely difficult because a home phone number the homeowner provided to the lender when they bought the home and if this homeowner defaults on their mortgage, they will most likely be behind on other car and credit card debt. , so instead of being bombarded by creditors who stopped paying your phone bill.

Advantage of our pre-foreclosure data vs. NOD & NOT lists

These lists come directly from the credit bureaus. The lists are updated weekly with any new information reported by the lender to the credit bureau about the homeowner, whether it is their change of mailing address, phone number, or any loan information. The NOD & NOT lists are usually all of the original loan information that the title company recorded at the time the homeowner purchased the home. Therefore, this information is not as accurate or up-to-date. Also, some listings may target owners who are 30, 60, and 90 days late so you can market them well before the NOD & NOT listings go live to try and be the first to contact them and get their business.

Target the right leads

When trying to generate a new clientele, one of the most important factors is targeting the right property owners you need to get the listings you want. With some listings, there are multiple filters you can use to target the homeowners you want, such as loan amount, loan type, HELOCS (home equity line of credit) removal, and whether the homeowner is present. It’s not just about delinquent homeowners, it’s about targeting the right homeowners to make your products or services more profitable and time consuming because we all know time really is money. This will make it a smoother transaction for you and the owner and could lead to an owner referral.

Competition with our pre-foreclosure data

Surprisingly, the number of real estate agents keeping tabs on leads and pre-foreclosure data is growing, but it’s still small enough to market to these leads and get good feedback and new customers. There is no other data available to contact owners about listing or buying their properties other than the NOD & NOT listing and by the time the listing is published the owner is so bombarded with calls and mail that he doesn’t see any mail request and usually just throws them all away because they’re sick of getting mail. Obviously, just like any other lead or information that is recent and not sold or traded by various companies, you have a higher chance of getting that owner as a customer.

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