Madd Gear Versus Slamm Scooters

Madd Gear Pro scooters.

Madd Gear makes amazing kids scooters at various prices. They are excellent scooters for people looking to perform stunts or tricks because they are lightweight and well made. Madd Gear Pro is an Australian company that has now grown big in the UK and around the world. They have almost 10 years of experience in the scooter market and they also have a Pro team so you know that their scooters have been tried and tested by some of the best stunt riders in the country.

Slamm scooters.

If you want to support British made products, Slamm is the scooter brand for you. Based in London, they make freestyle scooters that are designed to pick up the pace at any skate park in the country. Slamm scooters have 3 key models on the market right now, but they also design and manufacture a lot of scooter accessories, from wheels to grips and clamps, all at really affordable prices. This is a great way to add a fun touch to your scooter and make it more unique.

Which brand?

So which scooter band should you choose, Madd Gear or Slamm? In general, Madd Gear scooters are the most expensive option, but in my opinion you generally get what you pay for and with scooters it is no different. Madd Gear really does produce scooters that are built to last and this should give you the confidence you need to do tricks and stunts knowing that your scooter will pick up the pace. This is something many hardcore cyclists would say – it’s worth the extra money. If you’re just getting started, Slamm scooters are a good entry point to the stunt scooter market and will still give you the street cred you deserve.

Madd Gear range of scooters.

The lowest priced Madd Gear scooter is the MGP Madd Mini scooter, priced at around £ 70. Suitable for 5-year-olds, this is a well-made model that will keep your little one happy and make their peers envy. It has good quality MGP wheels and ZXZ C bearings but keep in mind that this scooter has a maximum weight of 35 kgs. With all other Madd Gear scooters, you get the benefit of a 4-inch concave deck that helps give you a more comfortable ride and makes the scooter easier to control when performing a few tricks. The scooters feature Krunk forged forks that are tough and reliable, and with the BAMF Slide in Flex Brake system you have the confidence to stop or slide with the touch of the brake.

Madd Gear Base and Team Edition scooters are for slightly older kids, ages 8 and up. From £ 100 – £ 125, and with the stacked triple collar clamps and pro tech alloy ear cups and bearings, you know you’ve got a real stunt scooter. The MGP Base has 100mm 85a MGP Pro 12-spoke wheels with ZXZ C Pro bearings similar to the Mini MGP, while the Team Edition has 100mm Aero Alloy Core wheels and Krunk K-1 bearings, making it the ultimate slightly more expensive option.

The latest Madd Gear Pro scooters are Nitro and Ninja for just under £ 200. The one-piece Krunk Cromoly Bat handlebar and 100mm Blade core wheels with Krunk K-2 bearings put this model in a different league. The Ninja has a slightly lighter frame and a matte black paint finish.

The Slamm Scooter range.

Entry point is the Slamm Rage II stunt scooter for around £ 70 and is for children 8 and up. It is worth noting that this Rage scooter has slightly shorter T-bars than the other Slamm models, which is ideal for younger children. With reinforced forks and a stacked triple collar clamp, you also get 100mm nylon core wheels with Abec 7 bearings. The around £ 90 Slamm Outbreak and Slamm Pro are for the more serious stunt riders with their bar on. 18-inch one-piece tee and Slamm grips, double-neck stacked clamp and reinforced platform. You will certainly need the quick stop brake with the Alloy Core 100mm 85a wheels that are included on the Slamm Pro scooter, making it the slightly more expensive of the 2 models at around £ 110.

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