How Do I Travel With eSIM Only?

Travel With eSIM Only

As any frequent traveler knows, it can be a pain to keep your phone connected as you move between countries. Buying and activating a local SIM card can be a hassle, or it may require an iPhone with dual-SIM capability. And if you’re in the US and traveling abroad, you can quickly rack up expensive data roaming charges unless you disable your phone’s primary number when preparing for a trip.

But what if you didn’t have to worry about any of that? With eSIMs, you can set up a new mobile profile with a local provider online before you depart. That means your device will be ready to use as soon as you turn it on at the airport or a train station. You can even get a plan with a regional coverage area if you’re planning multiple stops on your trip.

bytesim travel eSIM aren’t available in every country yet, and some carriers don’t offer them on prepaid plans (though T-Mobile does). But those that do can provide a convenient way to make your overseas trip as easy as possible. So if you’re ready to simplify your overseas travel, here’s how to do it with a simple, streamlined process that takes just a few minutes to complete.

How Do I Travel With eSIM Only?

To enable an eSIM plan, you’ll need to connect to WIFI. This could be on the plane, in a hotel, at a cafe — anywhere that’s open and allows you to access a web browser. Once you’ve done that, the eSIM will be downloaded to your device. This typically happens via the carrier’s app or website, with a QR code or other link that you can scan on your device to get the job done.

Once your eSIM has been downloaded, you’ll be able to toggle Airplane Mode off and start using your travel plan. This will automatically connect your phone to the local network and enable iMessages/WhatsApp without the possibility of racking up data roaming charges. Depending on your plan and the specifics of the country, you may also be able to call and text over your eSIM’s local data connection.

While most eSIM providers are data-only (ie you won’t have your home phone number) some do also offer calls and texts. You can find out which countries are included in your eSIM package by visiting the carrier’s website or looking at their app. Some of these apps also allow you to manage your eSIM plan (and any other profiles on the device), which can be helpful for frequent travelers. This is especially true if you’re going to be switching between a work and personal profile regularly, or if your company has deployed an eSIM program for employees who travel frequently. As you can imagine, this makes it much easier for business travelers to stay connected with coworkers and clients while on the go. For more, check out our article on How eSIMs are transforming international travel for business professionals.

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