Golf swing from the inside out: how to make it happen

What causes an inside out golf swing and how can you get rid of it? This is basically the path the club follows just before and shortly after hitting the ball.

This move will help you stop cutting the ball; the reason you cut is usually because you swing from the outside in like most players; so correcting this problem should help you hit the ball straight and even get a slight draw.

why do you cut

First, it’s important to understand why most golfers cut so you know how to develop a golf swing from the inside out. Slicers generally start their downward swing with their upper body rather than their legs, which is incorrect.

Many times this happens because they are trying to force the ball to the left, but this actually produces the opposite effect they are looking for: a slice.

don’t be anxious

Another cause is that many players are so eager to hit the ball that they forget to wait for their lower body to catch up and their upper body and arms end up well in front of their lower body. How do you correct these problems and develop the inside-out golf swing you want?

let the arms fall

You want to let the arms fall naturally on the down motion rather than hitting them as fast as possible, which is a tendency many cutters have.

When you just focus on letting your arms fall naturally, you allow your lower body to clear before your upper body comes through, which is key to achieving a draw.

View the correct plan

One thing you could try is to imagine a line going from the golf ball to your target. Now try to swing on that line. Many times, just this mental image is enough to produce a more direct shot.

When you’re taking your practice shot, focus on keeping your hands in front of the clubface, which will help ensure the club stays in a more backward golf swing plane.

the chop

Also pay attention to the direction your chop is pointing after you’ve hit your shot. He should be pointing slightly to the right, which is the result of an inside-out golf swing.

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