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Divinity is working on you

The life of God is in you. His spirit is working within you. Wherever you go you carry his divine presence. John in his epistle said, ‘…these things I have written to you so that you may know that you have eternal life.’ Divinity is working in you. If the divine is working in you, things should be different. You are not common. You are different from everyone. The life and nature of God is in you. The way the world reasons, believes, and thinks is different from the way you reason, believe, and think. If you are aware of this life, it will be evident through you. When you speak, it will happen. Jesus walked on the water. Jesus spoke and it happened. You can prophesy over your life. You can recreate your own world. Your words are alive. They have power. If you are aware of what you say, you will realize that your words are not ordinary. They are alive and active. You are now a partaker of his divine nature. You are united with the spirit of God and you are one with it. You are not ordinary. Your life is a supernatural walk on this earth. You had to be aware of the kingdom of God. You must realize that you are living in two worlds. Here on this earth and in the kingdom of God. These two worlds are real to you now. You can function effectively in the kingdom of God.

2Peter: 1:4: By which precious and great promises are given to us, so that by them you might become partakers of the divine nature, having fled from the corruption that is in the world because of concupiscence. We are already partaking of the divine nature. We are participants, participants in the divine experience. It is a glorious experience! That divine life, that divine nature of God, is imparted into your spirit once you enter into Christ and when that happens, you enjoy the divine experience. Divinity begins to work in you. The things that affect natural men will no longer be able to dominate you. You will exercise dominion because of the life that works in you.

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