Young World Traveler hopes to inspire others to travel through his photography

Andrew Ingersoll is well known among readers of Rick Ingersoll’s popular blog The Frugal Travel Guy for the images of people, places and cultures he captured around the world. At 29, Andrew has already visited 47 countries and, armed with all the free and frugal travel techniques he learned from his father, he’s not about to stop.

“The tips I got from ‘Pops’ allowed me to continue to travel at reasonable prices and share my experiences through my photography,” said Andrew recently.

Rick Ingersoll is a retired mortgage banker who became a “travel hacker” as a hobby so he and his wife, Katy, could spend their retirement years traveling the world. He began blogging about his tips and techniques for racking up frequent flyer miles and other free travel techniques in 2007 (his current “bank” of frequent flyer miles is up to 1.5 million) and is the author of the book The frugal traveler’s handbook in 2010. The hobby became a business as readership grew and the travel industry began to advertise it.

It wasn’t long before Rick’s entire family joined the “game,” as he calls it, including Andrew, who quickly learned that “the world is a fascinating place and I want to be able to share some of its glories with others.” . that they are not able to pick up and leave.

He uses his photography to do just that, photography whose quality defies Andrew’s “amateur” status.

“It would be great if I could inspire others to travel through my photos,” he said. “Traveling and experiencing cultures and customs opens minds and challenges the ignorance and prejudices portrayed by the media.”

Growing up in Traverse City, Michigan, Andrew graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2004. He began traveling to Europe on vacation and during summer break while in school.

“That’s when I discovered that the world was much bigger than white, middle-class America,” said the slim, sandy-haired photographer currently based in Antarctica. “This inspired me to absorb as much as possible from other countries and cultures.”

Andrew started his photo journal with a “point-and-shoot digital camera,” he said, choosing a Nikon Coolpix in a Malaysian market, “mainly because the price was right.” But when he made the decision to visit all seven continents before his 30th birthday, he knew he needed to improve.

“I got a great deal on a Nikon D5000 at Costco last December and Antarctica was the backdrop for my test.”

He moved to Seattle, Washington after graduating from Michigan State. “It was at this time that we as a family began to discover the true benefits of frequent flyer miles,” she said. “My first trip to Asia was on a United Mileage Plus reward ticket that took me from Seattle to Tokyo to Singapore. My eyes were now fixed on cultures so different from Northern Michigan that I was hooked. And to this day, I love Asian culture.”

On a 28-day Intrepid Tour of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, Andrew met an Australian who gave him the idea of ​​pursuing postgraduate studies abroad.

“When I came back to Seattle, I found the Masters in International Public Health program at the University of Sydney,” he said. “When calculating the cost-benefit analysis of attending a university in Australia versus the United States, I was ready to jump ship. I made a commitment to go to Australia, but not before I checked off one of the things on my ‘bucket list.’ “.

Andrew’s “bucket list,” which he insists he made long before the movie “The Bucket List” came out, was actually a top 25 list that a friend suggested he make. He could see that he was struggling with what direction to take in his life after receiving his college degree.

“So he made me write down the 25 best experiences I wanted out of life,” he recalled. “I still have that list today.”

The list inspired him to join a medical mission in Mali, West Africa, where he worked alongside local Malian doctors and nurses at a hospital for women and children. His job was part of a relief team helping local staff with high-risk jobs.

“Again, my eyes were opened and my mind was racing. I was very grateful for the opportunities that had been given to me,” he said. “So, after some very emotional times in Mali with some of the most incredible people, I joined another Intrepid tour to spend 15 days in Morocco. That was my first experience with Arab and Muslim culture. And I wanted to experience it as impartial you may.”

In February 2008, Andrew moved to Sydney, Australia, where he received his MIPH degree and occasionally worked as an evacuation and repatriation nurse, nurses who bring sick and injured people to Australia from the South Pacific islands for treatment otherwise they could not receive.

“This is so much fun and so rewarding – flying to the South Pacific to pick someone up and take them to Australia for treatment,” he said. “I’ve been to New Caledonia, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Kirabati, Tahiti, Norfolk Island, Tonga and Vanuatu.”

Andrew now works part-time in clinical research before starting a Juris Doctor degree at the University of New South Wales in February, a three-year postgraduate law degree designed for professionals starting a career in law. “I am confident that The Frugal Travel Guy blog will continue to provide me with the necessary tools to enable me to meet my personal travel goals,” he said.

What’s next on your agenda? “Caving in Malaysian Borneo and RV travel in New Zealand,” she said. “And I’m still in the process of planning to visit the Great Wall of China with my dear dad.”

Also on his wish list: Nepal, Ghana, Bolivia, Mongolia, Croatia and the Maldives. No one doubts that she will fulfill his wishes, least of all his father.

“I wish I had the courage to go on some of the adventures Andrew has been on,” Rick said. “He not only sees the world at prices he can afford, but sometimes in the most basic native accommodations. He really understands in the culture More than I’ve ever been able to. I’m just a tourist when I compare my travels to Andrew’s. He is a true world traveler.”

Andrew posts his travel photos and humorous comments to The Frugal Travel Guy blog every Wednesday and Sunday. To see an archive of his posts, visit

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