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What is a Boutique Salon?

Shopping: the way of the future

The beauty business is undergoing a major change for the better: salons are adding boutiques, complete fashion accessory centers that drive more sales and profits for their business.

The key to its success? Boutique: a new salon service that complements traditional beauty services. Boutique enables stylists to transform into full-service fashion consultants for their clients. The most surprising thing about this movement is that it started far from the style centers of New York and Los Angeles, in the rural Northwest. Led by Sunriver Specialties, “Boutique Salons” are popping up in cities across the US.

What exactly is a “Boutique Salon”?

Imagine a popular salon with a loyal local following, drawn from a community of several thousand women, all of whom want to look attractive and stylish. To fulfill this wish, they all turn to one person in particular, Julie, the owner of the most fashionable salon in town. While they come to her for traditional salon treatments like cuts, color, and perms, they also come to her for so much more: a complete style makeover.

Julie understands that while these women may live in a small town, they want to be stylish. To meet the needs of her customers, Julie offers a full line of trendy yet affordable hair accessories, jewelry, handbags, watches and more. She has transformed her salon into a full-service style center where women can customize their entire look from hair to toe. Julie’s customers walk away happy as she enjoys the extra income from high profit margins on accessories.

Many salon owners have already established themselves as top-tier hair care centers, and because of this, adding fashion accessories would be simple and inexpensive, yet highly effective.

Why buy?

– Make more money!

Going shopping generates additional earnings with minimal expense and effort.

– Be fashionable!

The boutiques give the salons a pleasant and elegant atmosphere.

– Be unique!

The boutique makes salons stand out and stay in the minds of customers.

-Have fun!

Accessories are fun additions to everyday life; Give your customers this gift!


Always keep a good stock of merchandise in your store/salon. By doing so, you show your customers that you are dedicated and knowledgeable in selling these items, which in turn will give them more confidence to seek your advice and purchase your accessories.

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