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What are the best shoes to go to the beach?

For those who frequent the beach, it’s probably no surprise that you’re looking for a shoe that is comfortable, offers protection, and allows you to keep moving. If that’s the case, there is no better shoe for you than a boat shoe.

Boat shoes (also known as topsiders) are a great beach shoe for multiple reasons. First, they look great. Second, they are built to withstand the elements, especially and water. Lastly, they provide great protection for when you’re trying to find that ‘perfect spot’ to kick back, or playing a game of beach volleyball on hot, scorching sand.

Topsiders have been popular for years. When I spoke to my mom on the phone recently, she even took note of his resurgence. She said they’ve been around forever (since the 80s) and she thinks it’s great that they’re making a comeback. Stylists agree, boat shoes are a great looking summer shoe and should be the closest thing to everyone who cares about fashion.

Another advantage of wearing boat shoes on the beach is their high-quality construction. Many topsiders, especially those from Sperry, are factory waterproofed. That protects them from cracking due to moisture over time. Second, the tread-shaped rubber outsole is heat resistant and makes walking through hot sand a breeze.

Combining the two aforementioned points, you need something elegant and stylish for when you are in limbo at the beach. Boat shoes are easy to put on and take off and give your feet the style and protection they need to stay healthy and to make the most of your relaxing day at the beach.

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