Two Key Issues in Renting Student Accommodation in Lancashire

Renting Student Accommodation in Lancashire

If you are renting student accommodation in Lancashire there are two key issues to remember. Firstly, always ask to view a property before you sign any contract and be prepared to negotiate. Secondly, never accept the first accommodation you see as it may not comply with regulations or be safe.

Whether you are looking for private University of Central Lancashire accommodation or halls of residence you need to be aware that tenancy agreements are generally fixed term and can only be terminated if there is a clause in your contract permitting it. The length of this period will be specified in your contract and can range from 42 to 52 weeks.

Landlords who offer private Lancashire student accommodation have to be registered with the University and there are requirements they must adhere to, in order to ensure the safety of their tenants. These are called the Core Requirements and include things like fire safety, kitchen facilities, smoke alarms etc. You can check that landlords are compliant with these regulations by contacting the Student Accommodation Service.

The service will be able to tell you whether the landlord has been registered and can advise you what your rights are. They can also help you with your complaint against the landlord if it is necessary to take this further.

If your landlord is not meeting the required standards, you should write to him stating exactly what needs repairing and give him a fixed time limit in which to make these repairs. If you do not receive a satisfactory reply from him it may be appropriate to contact the Students Union or the Housing Advice Centre for further advice on your next steps.

Two Key Issues in Renting Student Accommodation in Lancashire

You should be wary of landlords who advertise on websites such as Gumtree, or in local newspapers, or even those who display posters in shops and restaurants. These landlords are likely to be unregistered, and their properties may not meet the required standards. They may not have been checked by the University and could be a health hazard or in breach of regulations.

One example of this is a student property in Preston that has been converted into a house in multiple occupation (HMO) and not been registered with the University. There have been serious fires in this property in the past and it is important that you choose your student accommodation carefully.

Living in a community that promotes social interactions and offers recreational activities can enrich the student experience. Accommodations that organize social events, workshops, and outings facilitate networking and foster lifelong friendships.

Luckily there is plenty of UCLan Lancashire student accommodation in the area, such as Canterbury Hall, that offers opulent student flats with great social spaces and an on-site gym. This is only a 10-minute walk to campus and close to lots of transport links and supermarkets. It is also situated in the heart of the city, and so you can experience all that Preston has to offer. For more information on this and other UCLan student apartments, visit the website. The Tramshed is another option that is a short walk from campus and boasts stunning views over the city.

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