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Top Dog Trade Course: What Is It About?

Top Dog Trading is an educational company that specializes in teaching financial and investment market trading. It was founded and is led by Dr. Barry Burns. No matter what type of trade a person does, be it stocks, options, forex, or futures, the information a student is exposed to is intended to increase that person’s overall level of understanding of trading in the market. The two primary core courses cover two main indicators in order to take advantage of market movements in the commercial arena.

The two main components of the Top Dog Trading fundamental course are: Course One, Fundamentals Course – Cycles and Trends, and Course Two, Momentum Trading – Catching the Big Moves. In order to provide potential students with a kind of overview of what the courses teach, Dr. Burns has put together a free five-day video course that presents some interesting insights into how the market really works.

Each course is designed to teach the student how to trade like a pro. And courses can be downloaded onto the student’s computer so they can watch, read, and listen to as many times as needed until business strategies are absorbed. It should be noted that these courses are not for the easily intimidated trader or the informal trader in good weather. They are for people who are willing to take the time to increase their business acumen so that they are making more winning trades than losing trades. If you are not ready to apply yourself to the courses so that you can learn to identify profitable probability scenarios in which to trade, then these courses are not for you.

The first course lays a solid foundation for understanding how to trade markets by exploring how to identify market cycles and trends. If you’ve ever been stumped as to why markets do what they sometimes do, this course will provide you with plenty of answers. Some of the topics taught in this course include: how to determine what the current trend is and how to approach it when trading, how to use multiple time frames to your advantage, and how important it is to understand what support and resistance levels are. is it so. Each of these areas is a fundamental area of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnical analysis.

The second course is designed to follow the first in that it presents the key to uncovering the secret of even higher probability trading: determining and following momentum. Dr. Burns details how to use momentum as a leading indicator and how to establish a common technical indicator that is then tracked as an effective indicator of momentum. Knowing this will open up more possibilities and allow the trader to:

* Trade contracting markets by entering a trade before the big breakout moves * Trade a trend reversal, enter the trade before the new trend begins * Use very cautious strict stops * Make quick and easy profits

These and many other basic questions are answered in the courses along with a clear explanation of how to select high probability trades, rules for entry and exit strategies, money management and risk management control. If a trader is able to maintain self-discipline in these four areas, he or she is not only responsible but is destined to be successful.

Those who are new to market trading and serious about learning how to trade the right way need to hear what Barry Burns has to say in his Top Dog Trading Course. Understanding these fundamentals will complement your ability no matter what market you trade in: be it stocks, options, forex, or futures. Their advice can take your understanding of the markets and technical analysis to a completely different level, explaining what the core elements are on charts and how to use them to your advantage.

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