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The majority "Dangerous" The person is a person who motivates himself

Sure, a winner is a winner. But, when you can become one, whatever the situation, that’s dangerous! What is dangerous in a wonderful way is the independence of luck and chance involved in that kind of profit.

The only loss for that type of person is relying on luck or anything exterior to make fortune really work.

In fact, courage is always more fortunate than fear. But, it may not always seem like this when there is apparent Setbacks that are ultimately temporary when looked at correctly when it’s time to set aside and start over and over again until success comes through experience and full understanding of what is being accomplished.

About me, I am a man without illusions. I won’t give up perfectly. I will genuinely follow my own advice, genuinely. Not perfectly, but really and without ceasing.

Because, to become a true winner, perfection is not realistically involved, but perfect persistence is definitely involved. Without that will, nothing works.

Also, not being “lucky” or jerk at first is the best favor nature can do to anyone with perseverance who only sees defeat as temporary. Why? Sure, success begets success, but deep desire and persistence make victory from the trenches even sweeter.

So, I use an overused saying to embellish my point:

“By all means persist to the end.”

What I mean by that is to get closer to your goal in every way possible until you achieve what is right for you.

A word of caution here: if you want to get lucky or rely on natural success for the first time, you are definitely an insurance, don’t take a real risk that pays dividends, an unproductive dreamer who will get nowhere, even if you “start with what you want initially. “. After all, what was the true moral of all of Any Rand’s main characters in her novel The Fountainhead, anyway? It might be a long read for most, but the moral is there. Naturals fail where persistence triumphs Need I say more?

So my parting words are from Napoleon Hill “out of date” from most of his works:

“Success comes to those who are aware of success.”

In fact, indifference and dependence on luck is a failure and not really achieving. Success that is permanent comes solely from personal persistence through all temporary failure situations. I bless you with this last piece of advice: “Work!” There is nothing more to do. If you can work it consistently and persistently for success, it will at least be adequate. As for the ceiling for that adequacy, how high is the space and the sky?

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