The fastest home remedies for lice

If you’ve ever had to deal with lice, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of them! With so many chemical treatments, you may have overlooked home remedies for lice, but sometimes these are the most effective. Since lice have become immune to chemicals, sometimes it is better to go the old way.

Many parents are finding that one of the quickest home remedies for head lice is using hand sanitizer. This method is extremely effective – just wet your child’s hair with the hand sanitizer until it is damp and leave it in. The time to leave varies depending on who has tried it, but even if it is not rinsed, it will dry out and leave hair shiny and lice dead. This method also works to loosen nits.

If you are not comfortable putting such a strong alcohol-based product on your child, there are other home remedies for lice that claim they work too.

Tea tree oil sprayed on hair on a regular basis is supposed to repel lice, or you can choose to add a few drops to your child’s shampoo. Some shampoos even come with tea tree oil as an ingredient. This treatment is good for prevention, but not for cure.

Once an infestation has occurred, you can try one of these two home remedies for lice to get rid of lice:


Apply mayonnaise liberally to head and scalp and wrap with a covering (foil or saran wrap). The theory is that this suffocates the lice and they will die. Some people claim that this is extremely effective, and as a bonus, hair is left soft and conditioned.


This treatment is not for the faint of heart, but the theory is the same. It will suffocate the lice, but it is also a mess to clean the hair. To get rid of petroleum jelly, you will need to wash it repeatedly with shampoo. Use cornstarch to bind the petroleum jelly and then wash it off, and repeat until the hair is clean again.

Even after you’ve found the home lice remedies that work for you, you’ll still have to comb your hair and find every nit and bug and remove it. Keep a jar of soapy water nearby and place whatever you comb in there. Using a nit comb is the only way to do this effectively.

You will need to make sure you vacuum everything in your home! Try mixing equal parts salt and borax for a natural insecticide. Sprinkle on carpets and mattresses as a carpet freshener, and leave it for two days to kill lice.

The most important thing to remember with any home remedy for lice is that no matter how well it works, you will need to keep checking your child’s hair for several weeks and keep vacuuming! It only takes one mistake to start over, so make sure it’s gone forever.

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