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The advantages and disadvantages of a long penis

It has been perceived throughout the history of mankind that being the proud owner of a long penis puts any man in a privileged position. This prized possession has single-handedly created a sense of greatness among men in our society. One could almost say that this attribute overshadows various indicators of social status such as power, money, and materials that normally give men influence over others. But contrary to popular belief, having a long penis has advantages and disadvantages.

The attractive factor

Advantage: From a sexual perspective, there are many of you who favor the potential enjoyment of a long penis. There are many who will only engage in sexual relations with those who possess this desirable good. The sharp appearance of a long penis is enough for aggressive people to submit to all their demands.

Disadvantage: There are also those of you who feel threatened by the above-average length of these male sexual organs. When you look at one or even think about one, all you can imagine is an excruciatingly painful sexual experience. For anyone who knows the average sizes of the rectum or vagina, you know that anything beyond the average penis length of around 6 inches. it is excessive and unnecessary for modest sexual enjoyment.

circumference factor

Advantage: There are many of you who can be completely satisfied sexually with a longer than average penis. They all completely dissolve the potential enjoyment that would come from a penis with an above-average girth rather than length. But, in some cases, there are men who have the best of both worlds with girth and length. This makes everyone who is already longing for the extended length very happy.

Disadvantage: Some of you just prefer single girls. The most pleasurable erogenous zones within the rectum and/or vagina have been found to be between 2.5 and 4 inches from the entrance of either. Therefore, it would seem more pleasurable for a man to have a wide penis of average length than a long penis that will potentially lack the necessary girth.

performance factor

Advantage: There are places inside the rectum and vagina that just can’t be reached with an average sized penis. Sometimes you will hear people say things like “I want to feel your penis in my stomach” which alludes to the fact that the penis is deep inside them. Several people find euphoric pleasure through this sexual privilege.

Disadvantage: There are several fluid movements during sex that a man with a longer penis will not be able to perform. It is very dangerous and unhealthy for any man to attempt positions where the penis may be bent at extreme angles. This is especially true with a man with more length. Some like to feel their partner’s body heat during sex to enhance the experience. This is a luxury that a man with a longer penis cannot provide.

penetration factor

Advantage: Recipients of these colossal penises have their rectums or vaginas filled with penises for maximum pleasure. Any deep itch that the recipient needs to scratch with this penis will get their wish. For those who indulge in the form of sexual gratification, this is probably the most beneficial aspect of dealing with a man with a male organ of this size.

Disadvantage: The man with a long penis will very rarely have his entire penis satisfied during intercourse. In most cases, the lower part of this organ will have to miss out on the action unless his partner decides to indulge that part in other ways. This is one of the great benefits of having an average sized penis.

Depending on what a person wants from their sexual experiences, this variation of the penis can have an advantage or a disadvantage. It’s up to you.

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