Temperament, health problems, grooming and living conditions of the Keeshond dog breed

Temperaments: The Keeshond is an excellent companion, who is full of energy and has high intelligence. They are also great with children and are outgoing and friendly. This is a breed of dog that can be trained to perform tricks and is a quick learner. The best way to train this dog is by using gentle but firm leadership.

Socializing them well as puppies helps prevent problems later in life, such as being shy. This dog is a very enthusiastic barker, so it is important to teach him when to stop barking. This dog is an excellent watchdog and will alert you to the slightest change. A Keeshond needs daily exercise, both physical and mental, as he is smart and has energy to burn. The Keeshond needs you to be the leader of the pack, to stand firm and consistent.

Health problems: The Keeshond can have hip dysplasia, heart problems, and skin problems. Trick knee can occur with a very demanding exercise. This dog may be overweight, so watch your portion size.

Grooming: Grooming this breed is easier than the coat looks. A daily brushing against the grain is needed first and then putting it back in place. Only bathe when really necessary, as any further bathing will strip the fur of its natural appearance. This is a big shedder, but only twice a year in the spring and fall.

Living Conditions: The Keeshond does well in an apartment but will need daily exercise to lose all the energy this breed has.

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