Sun and Moon Tattoo – Meanings and Ideas to Create Amazing Tattoo Designs

The sun and moon tattoo is a favorite tat theme for those who want to represent yin and yang energies or the union of opposites. The sun and the moon represent contrasting elements, but if they are combined, they can create a much stronger and larger whole.

The sun is a representation of everything that speaks of manhood, such as power, strength, wisdom and authority. The moon, on the other hand, represents emotions, beauty, intuition and imagination. As a tattoo design, you can interpret them as the union of male and female characteristics to create a balance in personal relationships. This is why they can be excellent symbols for couples who want to get matching tattoos to symbolize their love and commitment to each other.

Sun and moon tattoos can also be interpreted as the symbol to create balance and harmony. These two elements represent the two great principles of everything; the active and the passive, with the sun the first and the moon the second. When mixed and matched as one, the force will be much more powerful and durable.

This celestial tattoo theme can also be seen as a representation of nature. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of the duality of life: the good and the bad side. They can be inked on the body of one in full color or with black ink. They would look tight on the upper body areas such as the nape, upper back, and shoulder blade. However, nothing is set in stone as you can get them inked on your chosen body areas. Just enjoy them for their ethereal beauty or their symbolic meaning as divine tattoo art.

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