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Stromile Swift or how to increase vertical jump

Now what about Stromile Swift’s Dunk on Tyrus Thomas? Well, arguably so far you can call it the Dunk of the year. Now if you’re familiar with “The Stro Show”, you also remember his sick two-handed dump on Yao Ming (if not, check it out on youtube).

In fact, the 28-year-old power forward for the New Jersey Nets has a vertical of 38.5 inches.

But Stro is 6’10 ” so it’s not that difficult for him to mate, you might say. That’s right. But just think of Nate Robinson, Spud Webb, Allen Iverson, Speedy Claxton, Spyda (And1) or even The And1 Professor (yes you can nail, check it out on youtube) – none of these guys are taller than 6ft!

So you don’t have to be 6’10 ” to be able to dunk. It’s about your dedication and training.

So what are the most important things you need to know to improve your vertical?

1) Jump rope. If you want to improve your vertical really fast, this is definitely the right thing to do. Start with 200 jumps every other day. Two-time NBA Slam Dunk champion Jason Richardson, 2006 winner Nate Robinson, and Vince Carter have consistently used this element in their training routines.

2) Quality instead of quantity. It’s not about the number of reps, it’s about the quality of your performance. A clean jump with full strength is better than ten halves in a row. Pay attention to your jumping motion, because technique is crucial. Make sure to use your full power and don’t forget to use your arms. Besides Vince Carter, Gerald Green is a perfect example for a clean execution.

3) Stretching: before and after training. A lot of people just cut out that item. But the flexibility of your muscles is essential to your jumping ability. That’s why it’s a staple of Vince Carter’s daily workout. Studies have shown that warming up increases the speed of nerve impulses to the muscles. The result: faster reaction times. This is one of the reasons why professional athletes spend more time warming up compared to many normal athletes – they know that it will prevent injury and help them achieve better results.

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