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Simple SEO and web design tips to improve your eCommerce website

It’s not hard to understand why a poorly designed website could pose problems for online businesses, particularly during the holiday season that contributes twenty to forty percent of annual sales.

It is necessary to mention here that statistical data is available to confirm the importance of your brand’s presence on the Internet. It reveals that:

  • Before buying products from a physical store, people generally like to check the website of different stores.

  • Online search keeps shoppers informed about item prices and availability, allowing them to decide whether to shop in a physical store or online.

  • Going through an economic downturn, shoppers become cautious about ordering online to save money, which increases online traffic.

  • Shoppers who are inclined to purchase downloadable gifts such as music, e-books plus FB credit, etc. can make additional purchases.

After you’ve been made aware of the important role your business website plays, there are a couple of things you need to do before the start of the holiday season. You could benefit from trying some of the strategies mentioned below:

Prepare to handle unexpected traffic

Plan ahead to let your site handle all orders. Anticipate peak load, see how quickly your site responds, and review app performance well before Cyber ​​Monday is coming up.

Improve website speed

By using a content delivery network (CDN), you can accelerate the delivery of appropriate content with photos and videos to your customers.

Get traffic from mobile devices

During the holidays, most consumers use mobile devices to search online before visiting stores. So it makes sense to include an in-store experience that provides information about your mobile-modified website.

Increase conversions

Look for ways that make it easy for customers to locate your products on your website. You can encourage exposure by providing information to some of the most popular online price comparison engines. You might consider Amazon Marketplace to include pay-per-click ads on Amazon Product Ads product and category pages. It will help buyers look at your ads to find products that are comparable to yours.

Although social networks are not the main means of search, they do target the majority and have therefore become important, especially among the younger generation of buyers. Convert visitors into prospects by incorporating social sharing across the product page.

Offer a better service to the consumer

Present superior customer service to consumers by deciding customer issues through networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Have clear policies for shipping and returns and make it easy to get customer feedback.

People with tight budgets often search online before they buy. It helps to have a simple, fun and efficient website where they can shop. Include product filters, maximum possible product details, and comparison tools on an easy-to-navigate website. Improve the description of the best-selling product.

As much as possible, try to get the email addresses of the visitors and try to make the most of it.

Try to use remarketing campaigns to attract customers who take longer to buy.

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