SEO is important for all websites

Every website needs Search engine optimization.

It has become easy and cheap to build a new website. Billions of businesses around the world along with governments, private organizations, and individual blogs are on the Internet.

So your website is on the internet, it looks good, but no one can find it!

How do you get visits?

You need search engine optimization (SEO) so that people searching for your products or services will find you on the Internet.

search engines They are like libraries. People come to them to ask about a book on a certain topic, product or service. If they get the wrong books, they will lose faith in that search engine and use another.

Reputation as a consistently reliable source of information is what keeps search engines in business. Google has maintained the best reputation and that is why it is twice as popular as Yahoo or Bing. To maintain this good reputation, Google routinely examines all websites and ranks them.

How do search engines rank websites?

Each search engine has its own priorities for ranking websites, but the rules are the same. Spiders (also known as search robots) track the coding of your website to determine if it is a good or bad website. They rate each website and award points for good website structure, site optimization, relevant links from other websites offering similar services, good relevant content text, and use of keywords. There are 30 different things a spider looks for on a website giving good ratings when done right and bad ratings when done wrong.

You want search engines to think you have a good website in relation to your keywords and the information and content relevant to them. A bad website will never rank and no one will find it by typing your keywords into search engines.

So what can SEO do for your website?

SEO It involves reconfiguring your website so that search engine spiders can easily understand its structure, appearance, and content. Your website needs to become search engine spider friendly so that it ranks well for your main keywords. A poorly structured website will always be poorly ranked by search engines.

Keywords they are important too. Using the correct keywords to describe your business is essential. Some people mistakenly think that if they only use the most popular search terms as keywords, they will attract visitors. A keyword like “money” is searched for by hundreds of thousands of people around the world every day. But, if you search Google for the word “money”, you will see that Google has indexed 4 billion 360 million (4,360,000,000) web pages. To get on the first page of Google searches for “money”, it means you have to rank higher than 4 billion 359 million and 999 thousand and 990 competitors. Using the keywords “make money fast” shows 152 million web pages indexed by Google. Which keyword gives you the best odds of ranking higher with Google?

Many websites offer local products and services that do not require searching the entire world or even the entire country. The key phrase “used cars” would not work for a car dealer based in New York City. A better keyword would be “new york city used cars”. Researching the best keywords is really about guessing what the general public will type into a search engine to find your products or services.

Links from other websites to yours measures the popularity of your website. But having a lot of links won’t help you because Google and the other search engines may see your website as a spammer and penalize you. What you want are websites with good Google rankings whose products or services are relevant to yours. The used car dealer will get better Google rankings if all of their inbound links come from auto manufacturers, other auto dealers, auto parts stores, auto mechanics, auto organizations, driving schools, etc.

A big mistake new websites make is buying links from brokers. This is called “link farms”, where thousands of incoming links are purchased from the farmer who created them. All of these links will be irrelevant to the theme of your website. Google analyzes the domain name URLs of these links and if it sees that they come from the same source, the website is penalized and possibly banned from being included in their search engine.

Popularity within the internet community by having social networking sites and relevant product and service websites linking to yours you get high ratings from Google.

To sum upSEO is about ensuring your website is structurally sound, allowing search engine spiders to roam freely while understanding the text and what products or services you offer and recognizing how popular your site is with other websites. relevant.

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