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Road warrior


Full of fun, adventure and uncertainty, this is what the life of a warrior is all about. Moment by moment he is animated and his passion never dies. Life for him is an endless series of triumphs and defeats. Defeat gives you new energy to fight back, and winning leaves you with a withering sense of accomplishment. He’s depressed after every war he wins because he can’t bear stability and routine. And he has to do something, which gives him a feeling of liveliness. He likes to be in the lap of death. And strife and strife increase your appetite for life. He is stubborn and never listens to anyone; You only do things that you think are right, regardless of the impression you have of your actions in the eyes of other people. You want to live life your own way and experience everything about life. It may seem boring to the people around you because you are too involved in your own thoughts and plans, but through your inner eye you still notice everyone around you, although you may appear disconnected or carefree. He looks for every tiny thing but does not express it because that helps him in his day-to-day relationships. The soldier loves to be loved, since his only weapon is passion. This passion inspires him to win and brag about her love and feel that she has confidence in him.

He is afraid of many things but the quality that differentiates him from others is that he maintains patience and faces the situation without knowing what will happen until the revelation of the situation. He knows that he will have to face defeat in many battles. He has a strong sense of self-worth and is never easily entrusted to others. He knows that his ego will be hurt many times and he learns to handle it. He is not afraid of death because he knows that he has died several times in his life and regenerated himself and physical death is an extension of the death of the ego that he faced many times in his life. People tend to look to him for support. And he is always willing to help and most of the time he helps.

He lives each and every emotion he encounters and so slowly as he gets older he is able to master many of life’s joys and pains. It appears to be crowded and carries an aura of mystery around it. And many people are drawn to this mystery. Many times in his life it happens that he feels lonely and people do not know him and suddenly one day it happens that he is famous and everyone on the street greets him and again he is well known. This is your personal power and you know how to use it. And this comes from his quality of not making other people become the center of his life while living for himself, to satisfy his own respect for himself, and not for other people.

His qualities are that he is never stable, but he is always oscillating between extremes in his work and feelings and thoughts, but slowly and steadily he learns to master his powerful and wild emotions that had created havoc in his life.

Not only does he fight on the battlefield, but his life itself is a battlefield where he continuously fights and for that he has to be alert and focused and many times he has to risk his life making decisions that could stop his breathing and lead to disaster. . . But he goes on and gets used to those kinds of situations. He has depth in his eyes. And people can feel it, he’s usually very funny and makes jokes about himself, but when he’s angry and violent, people can’t resist it. People cannot take it for granted.

He is like a Scorpio, who is never defeated but when he is hurt, pain and the feeling of revenge itself becomes the source of inspiration for him to continue his battle. But the truth is that life is really unfair for him and he has to follow a path that is not socially acceptable, but only these paths allow him to fully flourish so that he can help the people in society who have made him cry.

He believes in destiny, and when he discovers that his plans and dreams are not working as he thought and when he begins to have the feeling that destiny is against him, he thinks that he will get what he wants in some way through the various ways the universe operates or you won’t get what you want, but either way you will go with the flow and side with what’s happening.

There are many times in your life when you do not get the recognition you want and you feel bad because you had to put in a lot of energy and had to sacrifice many of your tasks for this purpose but even though you feel bad at first, you go ahead and think you had done the job as it was his duty. And it continues, further. Many times he is on the gossip list and many people say bad about him but he does not care, and it is not that it does not affect him. He is also discouraged, but keeps going. Many times in solitude his eyes fill with tears and he cries looking up at the sky and sometimes he complains to God for being so hard on him, but he knows that he is a WARRIOR and his duty is to fight and not rest until the end. the battle ends. Little by little he learns to be self-sufficient and to motivate himself so that he is not affected by all kinds of criticism and injustice.

Many times an unknown fear surrounds you and you do not realize why it is happening. This great warrior of ours suddenly behaves like a coward and fears every little situation and every person he meets. But then you accept that fear is a state of mind and that everyone has to deal with it at some point in life. And this fear is because it is mandatory for every human being to have these feelings.

One day he falls in love. And something unusual happens, the warrior of the bears comes face to face with a quality that he had made him and that he did not know. And that quality is PASSION. And history bears witness that where there is a warrior there is passion and vice versa. And he gets to know his weapon that made him win so many battles and wars. He always felt as if something in him rose and strengthened, but now he realizes that this quality is his strength. Fight hard to commit to this quality, as with power comes responsibility. Later, he learns to tame this wild quality and is more empowered.

Many times it happens that you start to feel like you are deluding yourself into thinking that you are a warrior and you are nothing but a fool, and you are living in a castle of your own delusional thoughts and those are the times when you are really depressed. . but again something in him regains consciousness and he is a warrior with all strength and power.

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