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Real estate agents: Know the niche of that house

Why do some homes attract a large number of qualified potential buyers, while others seem to have a hard time attracting the right buyer? Since every house is different in some way, isn’t it important for an agent to market it properly, with a clear focus, on attracting, a specific niche, to attract buyers, who are more likely to be attracted, for that? ? Many believe that the marketing and sale of real estate is simply a numbers game, but, rather, while it is impossible to sell any house, unless/until it is seen, this will only achieve the most desirable results, when the correct buyers, they are seeing it. Homeowners must hire a real estate agent, who, he tells them, what they need to know, they don’t just want to hear (TM), which includes thoroughly examining and considering your home, and creating a logical strategy, based on market niche, pricing, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss some examples that might be relevant.

1. House configuration: An agent should do a full tour of a home and consider what the niche market might be. Obviously size and design are obvious factors. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen size, entertainment areas, etc. should be considered! Smaller homes are generally sought after, either as a starter home, or by individuals wishing to downsize. However, before coming to this conclusion, examine the overall size of the lot and whether it can also attract people looking to renovate or tear down and customize a home.

two. School system: While buyers, with families, consider the quality of local public schools to be an important factor, this often also influences home value and curb appeal. One must examine, a combination, of the particular house, as well as the suitability, for the families, when identifying a niche!

3. Transport convenience: How convenient is mass transportation to this property? This can be an important factor, helping to attract potential buyers, who commute to work. How close to highways can also be a factor!

Four. Price range: Think of buyers, who might be most attracted to houses, in a specific price range! How does this house compare to others on the real estate market?

5. Competition: Start with a competitive market analysis (CMA), to better understand the right price and market niche. Smart agents know the competition and use it to their advantage!

Interview real estate agents, before hiring, the best one for you and your circumstances! When an agent and the owner are on the same page, the transaction period becomes much more convenient!

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