Matt Harvey Trade joins the short list of players who spent time with both Cincinnati and the Mets

The New York Mets, after more than a week of speculation, have finally found a team to acquire Matt Harvey. Cincinnati agreed to send All-Star catcher Devin Mesoraco to the Mets in exchange for Harvey, who hopes a new stage will help him overcome his struggles the past two seasons.

The right-hander enjoyed his early years with New York, making an All-Star appearance and serving as a Cy Young runner-up while guiding the Mets to the NL Championship in 2015. However, as good as he was for To them, Harvey isn’t the most notable starter the Mets have sent to Cincinnati.

That honor belongs to a Hall of Fame pitcher who not only led New York to the pennant, but also to a World Series Championship. Nicknamed Tom Terrific, he would be the face of an all-star lineup that played for both the Reds and Mets.

Here’s what it might look like, excluding current players like Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce.

Starting pitcher, Tom Seaver

He was the staff ace in the Big Apple, then pitched a no-hitter for the Reds.

Closer, John Franco

The left-hander anchored the Riverfront Stadium bullpen before the Nasty Boys arrived, and he also closed out games for a champion Mets team.

First baseman Joel Youngblood

In addition to spending time with both clubs, Youngblood is best known for being the only player to receive hits in two different cities on the same day.

Second baseman Doug Flynn

Born in Reds territory, he naturally became a Cincinnati broadcaster after his playing career.

Shortstop, Tony Fernandez

He had his prime in Toronto, but the Reds and Mets are just two of many other clubs the All Star dressed with.

Third baseman Ray Knight

After replacing Pete Rose at third, Knight then ran the hot corner for 1986 World Series champions New York.

Left field, George Foster

Just three years after his 1977 MVP award, Foster ended his solid multi-season career at Shea Stadium.

Center Garden, Mike Cameron

He is best remembered in Queen City as the man who acquired Ken Griffey Jr. from Seattle, eventually sending him to Queens.

Right field, Gus Bell

His best years were with Cincinnati, but he had several strong seasons with the Mets.

Receiver, Alex Trevino

TreviƱo is the only player who spent two seasons with each team, playing both at the beginning of his career and at the end of it.

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