Lowchen dog breed temperament, health issues, grooming and living conditions

Temperament: Here is a dog that is sociable and affectionate. The Lowchen dog shows good intelligence and is a fast learner. With a fearless attitude, they are sensitive but also kind. This breed is good with children and will love playing with them. They are good with other pets in the home.

The LÅ’wchen can be strong willed, if there is no good leadership and the alpha human is not present. Males of this breed are very likely to challenge other dogs in the household for leadership, regardless of their size. This dog needs strong and good leadership to get the best of the breed. With consistent good leadership, this breed does well. This will allow the Lowchen dog not to suffer from the small dog syndrome.

Health Issues – Some bloodlines are prone to patellar luxation, but mostly a good, healthy breed.

Grooming: LÅ’wchen’s small lion cut is best done in a salon at first so you can see how it’s done. At home, the coat should be brushed daily to maintain the overall good appearance. It is also okay for this dog to have a puppyish look. Being a short dog, the dog needs brushing to remove dead hair.

Living conditions: Here’s a dog that is good at apartment living, having fun on a daily basis, and using his mental and physical energy. LÅ’wchen will love a small to medium sized garden that is well fenced for security.

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