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Kitchen design: top 10 tips

Kitchen Design Tip 1. Before you start designing your new fitted kitchen, it makes sense to formulate your ideas and write them down on a wish list. It’s worth remembering that your new kitchen plan should incorporate the things you like about your existing kitchen, as well as the things you don’t.

Kitchen Design Tip 2. Again, before you start your new kitchen plan, you will find that your kitchen appliances (or types of appliances) are worth choosing. Your new fitted kitchen will require a different layout based on your choice of appliances. (“Built-in” appliances are planned differently than “built-in below”).

Kitchen Design Tip 3. Keeping the new position of the sink relatively close to its current position will simplify the installation of your kitchen. It is not so much a problem to bring hot and cold food to your sink, it is the spillage of the waste that can cause problems. (As a general rule of thumb, “right-handed” people prefer “left-handed” drain boards; the “left-handed” lurking among us generally don’t mind).

Kitchen Design Tip 4. Work your design from any corner. Good access to corner cabinets is essential to optimize storage space. If your measurements allow, try to plan the corner cabinets in this order of preference … Double “L” Fold, Cantilever Tray “Le-Mans”, “Magic Corner”, “Syncromotion Corner Drawers”, Cross Corner diagonal and finally, the blind corner.

Kitchen Design Tip 5. Using “Hi-Line” base cabinets instead of “Drawer Line” will generally provide a more ergonomic kitchen. Instead of drawers everywhere (some work, some fake), it is more practical, and often less expensive, to place an optimally sized nest of drawers (500 or 600 mm) where they are required.

Kitchen Design Tip 6. Try to design your kitchen economically. A 300mm wide cabinet can be half the size of a 600mm cabinet, but is 3/4 the cost. Try to plan your kitchen layout using large cabinets rather than piles of small ones, this will drastically reduce the cost of kitchen cabinets (and as part of your installation cost is calculated by how many cabinets will be installed, you will achieve a saving here as well)

Kitchen Design Tip 7. Position your new cooktop (or glass ceramic) reasonably adjacent to the new sink position. This will avoid the need to walk any distance to drain the trays full of boiling water. (If you are right-handed, consider placing the sink to the right of the countertop)

Kitchen Design Tip 8. Leave a clear area of ​​counter space immediately next to your oven. This will provide a safe area to remove the hot trays from the oven and place them as well.

Kitchen Design Tip 9. Avoid the classic mistake of designing an American fridge freezer in a corner as they need a minimum clearance of 300mm on each side for the doors to open fully … (check yours before you buy)

Kitchen Design Tip 10. When designing on a kitchen island, make sure there is enough room to walk (preferably 1100mm, but a minimum of 900mm) on all sides. Avoid the temptation to include an island with less free space than this – it will dominate the room and make it look cluttered.

We hope you found these tips helpful and provided a brief introduction to the world of kitchen planning.

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