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How to use vibrations to win the lottery

If you use creative visualization or remote viewing techniques to win the lottery, your message to the universe must be accompanied by vibrations. Only by doing so will your message be effective. It is for the two main reasons. The first reason is that we are both a physical and a spiritual being and we need to use all the strengths and capacities of these aspects of us, if we want to beat a complex system such as the lottery game. The second reason is because the universe helps those who ask for their whole being. Physically we will work on our lottery system permanently, but our spirit can observe things beyond our normal rate of consciousness. It is because our spirit operates outside of time and space. Remote viewing, for example, helps us awaken to a new world of spirituality that opens our mind and soul to the possibilities found in both the ethereal and concrete universe.

The foundation for the success of remote viewing and creative viewing is based on our intensive and positive vibes. When our mind searches for information, we also send a certain quantity and quality of energy in the form of vibrations, depending on the intensity of our intentions. But the intensity of our intention depends on the type of thoughts, feelings and beliefs we have before starting the remote viewing session. It may be the central point to remember and consider when forming a mental image about the lottery. This is the point on which the success or failure of our actions depends. To better prepare ourselves for success and avoid failure, we will now learn how to send out strong and positive vibes. We have a fascinating power to change our lives. We just need to decide to use it with conviction in everyday life, as well as on special occasions.

The vibration is a physical manifestation of our body, but its origin is in the spiritual plan. When you vibrate, this means that your whole being wants to achieve something in your reality. Only in that stage of vibration, your request to the universe, is effective. At that stage, you can be sure that you will get what you want. Getting to that stage can only be achieved through repetition and practice. That wonderful vibration, lasting only a few fractions of a second, is the key to getting a lot of money out of your lottery system.

I began to experience an intense vibration going through my entire body, after a period of intense practice of about a month. It is difficult to put into words what it will feel like. You must get to that moment to feel it in order to understand. You will feel it as a mixture of pure vibration and short but whole body contractions. It is when you feel the vibrations from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It is an emotion and a pleasure and a pain at the same time. The character of the vibrations is rhythmic and lasts throughout your exercise, with short pauses. If my desire is intense, I always feel this vibration. Once you have tried this sensation, it will no longer go away.

If you want to shorten the training period and quickly win the lottery, you can start training the vibrations in the same time that you start analyzing the last 50 drawings of your system. First you do 10 minutes of vibration exercises and continue with the analysis of the previous draws. And it will continue to do so every day, until the analysis of previous giveaways is over and you get to the actual live giveaway. You can start by doing a static exercise. Start with the local vibration of a single muscle or a group of muscles, and stimulate it through a constant physical action of vibration. Increase this dynamic action gradually. The vibrations in the muscle transmit a specific signal through the central nervous system. So over time you will create a reflection and be prepared for the natural vibration that appears during your remote viewing or creative viewing session.

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