How to Book a Charter a Yacht in Saint Tropez

Charter a Yacht in Saint Tropez

Whether you are a seasoned yacht charterer or it’s your first time sailing, chartering a luxury yacht is an unparalleled experience of decadence and freedom. It’s a fantastic way to explore hidden coves, bustling marinas and prestigious maritime events that Saint tropez is so well known for. But how does one go about booking a charter?

There are a few key things to consider when planning your charter a yacht in Saint tropez. First, decide whether you want to rent a bareboat yacht or a fully crewed one. Typically, the smaller sailboats and catamarans are bareboat, while larger motor yachts are crewed. Next, you need to choose the length of your vacation and determine if you want to travel to a specific destination or spend time exploring different areas along the French Riviera coastline.

Once you’ve figured out these details, you can start searching for the perfect yacht for your vacation. When you’re selecting a yacht, make sure to factor in delivery fees, crew gratuity, insurance fees, taxes and Advanced Provisioning Allowance rates (which cover food, beverages, fuel and other running costs).

How to Book a Charter a Yacht in Saint Tropez

The cost of your luxury yacht charter depends on the type of yacht you choose, the year it was built, its previous owners and its selection of water toys. A boat’s reputation can also play a role in its pricing. For example, a boat with an impressive list of celebrity guests may be more expensive than other similar yachts. Finally, the season you want to exclusive concierge service in will impact price as well. The prices of a Mediterranean or Caribbean yacht charter rise in high summer and drop in winter.

Whether you are interested in renting a bareboat or crewed yacht, be sure to check whether the vessel has the necessary licenses. Generally, you need an International Certificate of Competence to be legally allowed to sail a bareboat yacht. A yacht’s charter company will usually be able to help you with obtaining the required licence.

When you’re ready to book, be sure to include a security deposit (normally a credit card impression) and insurance fees with your payment. Most yachts require a certain level of cleanliness and will ask that you document any existing damage before you leave. If you are a new yachter, it’s also worth considering hiring a skipper. This will save you the hassle of navigating in busy waters and give you peace of mind that you have a professional on board who can take care of any problems that arise.

If you’re looking to charter a yacht this summer, get in touch with the team at Boatbookings today. Our experts can help you find the perfect yacht for your next adventure and ensure that your yacht charter runs smoothly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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