How is Maxtrax used?

Maxtrax is a brilliant way to regain stuck four-wheel drive quickly, safely, and easily. I’ve seen too many recoveries that could have gone wrong to recommend using alternatives. Maxtrax is a form of sand ladders, which are placed under the vehicle’s tires to provide additional traction. They are made from a special engineering plastic that is UV resistant and extremely strong.

If you’re stuck in the sand, just remove them from their storage location (many people mount them on roof racks with the supplied brackets), scoop up some sand, and put them as far under the wheels as possible. Maxtrax has the ability to be used as a shovel, making your life very easy. Once you have a pair (make sure they are used on the same axle or they will cross) under the wheels, accelerate smoothly until the vehicle grabs the Maxtrax and moves forward. These can be used in forward or backward movements, and if you have a second set, they can be used together (1 on each wheel).

There are several alternatives to Maxtrax, but you get what you pay for. In mud, Maxtrax also works exceptionally well. Just move some mud out of the way (or just put them under the tires) and you’re good to go. The advantage of storing them on top of your vehicles is that when they are dirty, you don’t have to put them in your car!

Maxtrax comes in various colors and can be mounted on the rear rim, on the roof bars or inside the vehicle. If you have a crew cab, it is often easy to mount them against the hood. If you are going to use conventional vehicle recovery methods (with a starter strap, tow rope, or winch) be sure to always think twice about your safety.

When recovering a stuck vehicle, there are a number of things that can break, creating a fast flying object. Starter straps, in particular, will take whatever they’re attached to and shoot it through the air faster than you can see. Shock absorbers are vital as they limit the distance the strap or cable travels through the air. However, the advantage of Maxtrax is the fact that you don’t have to worry about something breaking or going wrong. You are guaranteed a safe, fast and easy recovery!

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