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How do I clean my glass terrace?

If you have a glass veranda, it can be overwhelming to know how to keep it fresh and clean. This article explains why glass decking is made from safety glass and the coatings used to protect safety glass while it is being transported and installed. It also describes the materials and techniques the professional installer uses to clean glass on a glass deck roof and provides specific instructions on how to do it yourself.

When a glass deck is delivered and installed in your home, it will come with tempered glass or safety glass as standard. When something falls on tempered glass, it breaks into small granular particles that, although sharp, do not pose a serious threat to man or beast. Flat or float glass when shattered shatters into a million small pointy pieces.

If float glass is installed on a glass veranda, there is a risk that at some point in its life one of the panes of glass will break, producing a hail of sharp and dangerous chips. These would rain down on people or animals below and cause injury. Broken float glass also produces a carpet of small and sometimes almost invisible pointed objects that can remain undiscovered for a long time. Due to the risks of float glass, tempered or safety glass is always used in glass decks, glass roofs, and ceiling lights.

Tempered glass is usually shipped with some kind of protective layer wrapped around it. This prevents it from breaking if something hits the glass. It also means that the men loading and unloading the glass have a protective barrier that surrounds the glass to prevent minor bumps and scrapes from damaging it.

The protective layer will be a sheet of plastic or bubble wrap, sometimes with foam blocks to keep the individual sheets of glass separate. The glass itself will almost always have a slightly tacky coating to make the plastic sheet adhere to the surface and ensure that it does not come off during handling exposing the glass surface to possible damage.

It is this coating that the installer must remove from the verandah before the glass is finally installed. The way they do it is by using a solution of isopropyl alcohol (75%) or methylated alcohol. Each side of each sheet of glass to be installed is cleaned with a cloth or paper towel by moving the cloth back and forth in a horizontal direction first and then vertically. This means that all parts of the glass are covered. Stains that might be visible if cleaning was done in one direction only also disappear.

When your glass deck is finally installed, it should look very shiny. To make it look shiny, the best thing you can do is have your window cleaner clean the surfaces with a post cleaning system. Regular cleaning will prevent a build-up of dirt and debris that can make the structure look unsightly. You can do it yourself with a cloth, preferably linen mesh, and warm soapy water. The best window cleaning detergent is Fairy Liquid. Simply wash the windows with the cloth and remove any excess liquid with another cloth or sponge before finishing with a mesh by working vertically and horizontally over each pane of glass until it looks really shiny.

How do you get to the part of the glass gallery closest to the wall of the house? It should be possible to do this using a skid board that you can put through the glazing bars. Glazing bars must be designed to support the weight of a man. Resting on the glazing bars in this way should allow you to reach and clean the most inaccessible parts of the glass terrace. You should always check with the installer who supplied the veranda to make sure it is strong enough to withstand the type of loads involved in cleaning.

Alternatively, greenhouse cleaning steps are available for rent. These are wonderful devices. The foot of the steps rests on the ground and the top of the first flight rests on the gutter of the glass veranda. The second part of the steps collapses onto the ceiling and supports the person who is cleaning the glass. The entire appliance is prevented from slipping by means of a cable that is connected to the greenhouse itself. This means that this work can be done with one hand.

If your glass deck is very large, it is best to use a professional cleaning company to get the job done. That way, your safety will not be compromised and you will keep the structure in perfect condition for years to come.

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