How data science is changing the world

Our life science and data

When you buy or search for something on Amazon and Flipkart, the site remembers your preferences and provides related suggestions the next time you visit the site. How can companies do that? The answer is: data science. Companies store our data and use it to understand how to improve their products according to our needs and also how to increase customer engagement with them. The reason this system is working so well is because today more and more people are connecting and leaving footprints on the Internet, which companies can take advantage of to make correct predictions.

Visible examples of data science uses

  • Search results: Search engines like Google predict what we want to search for before we can complete the word, and this is because they already have millions of related search keywords stored in their databases.
  • Digital Ads: Advertisements on the Internet are not random, unlike traditional television and newspaper advertisements. Companies collect separate data on each and every user and display only relevant ads.
  • Recommendations: E-commerce sites like Amazon and online entertainment sites like Netflix are using it to recommend new products and movies based on past user experiences.
  • Image and speech recognition: As artificial intelligence and machine learning improve, image and speech recognition tools become more advanced and accurate.

What Industries Use Data Science?

Almost every industry is generating a large amount of data and has moved from a knowledge-based approach to a data-driven approach to solve problems and produce better results. Some notable industries are as follows:

  • Information technology: This is the most obvious industry, of which data science has become the backbone. From suggesting friends on Facebook to suggesting videos on YouTube, from recommending movies on Netflix to filtering products on Amazon, and from improving the user experience on Uber to providing real-time tracking on Dominos, data science is used in every aspect. .
  • Aviation and Logistics: It is used by airlines to predict weather conditions and potential delays and to keep passengers informed accordingly, while logistics companies like FedEx can discover the best routes and modes of transportation to increase profitability.
  • Human Resources: With the help of data science, it is easy for companies to predict employee burnout and find ways to increase their productivity.
  • Medical science: In bioinformatics, data science coupled with genome data is helping researchers and clinicians analyze genetic structures and understand how certain drugs can act on disease.
  • Astrophysics: Also in Space Sciences, it is being used to create large astronomical data sets.
  • Banking and finances: Helps banks provide better customer service, fraud detection, customer profiles and forecasting of economic conditions.

Scope of data science

It has emerged as the most exciting race of the current era. There are plenty of openings, salaries are high, the prospects for career growth are promising, and the work is exciting. Organizations like Glassdoor and Harvard University have even listed data science as the best profession of the 21st century.

How can we help you become a data scientist?

Professionals dealing with data in industries are called data scientists and require expertise in the fields of statistics, computer science, and business. That is why the online course is designed to give students in-depth practical knowledge of all the concepts and algorithms used in data science along with extensive practice of important tools such as Hadoop, SAS, Excel, R, Tableau, Minitab, etc. and powerful programming. languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Python and SQL. Numerous webinars, assessments, and live projects have been designed to prepare students for industrial work in a real business environment.

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