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How and what to organize during the coronavirus

More than 80% of Americans are under stay-at-home orders. What do you do during your time at home? Many are still working, caring for and teaching their children and managing the house. It is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, anger, depression, and fear.

To combat these problems, try walking around your house and noting anything that has been bothering you, but that you just didn’t have time to. Make a list and when you take a break from teaching and work, try one of those tasks.

Some ideas are to organize the garbage drawer, the pantry, the linen closet. Check canned food for expired food, organize one shelf at a time on any shelf, organize and purge clothes and toys. Children can help with toys and clothing at night or on weekends. Under the sinks in the bathrooms and the kitchen you always have to organize and remove items. Perhaps you have some expired or no longer used pet medications or items that you would like to organize. Organizing photos is always an option during this time, as is finishing those scrapbooks that have gone unfinished for years. Eliminating as many stacks of paper is also an option because once life returns, you may be overwhelmed by new jobs or activities.

For business, make adjustments and updates to your social media accounts and profiles. Update your photos and information. We all let it go once it’s complete, and unless we’re asked to, we rarely look at it again. Give it a fresh look. The same goes for your website if you are still working and making money. It is also a good time to eliminate those piles of paper and organize your office.

Something everyone needs to do during this time is find and know where all your important documents are, such as wills, passports, social security cards, birth certificates, insurance, and all financial accounts. A national survey by Smead reveals that Americans choose very unusual places to store their most important personal documents. 10% keep them in an underwear drawer, 6% use a shoe box, and 40% report that organizing documents takes too long. Make a copy of each to take in case of fire or flood or other natural disaster. Originals should be kept in a fire and waterproof safe.

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