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History of Romertopf and Reco Clay Pots

Romertopf was established by Bay Keramik in 1966 and was first shown to the world during the Hannover World’s Fair in 1967. During the following year, Romertopf clay pots and bakers were displayed throughout the German country at various fairs and very successful conventions. Reco, a North American company, obtained all rights to distribute Romertopf clay pots and clay bakers in the US in 1974 and has been the sole distributor in North, Central and South America ever since. Romertopf’s clay bakers met with a resounding audience due to their ability to retain nutrients using only water.

The pots are immersed in water before use and it is released as steam during the cooking process. This locks in moisture and prevents the natural flavor of the food from escaping or changing. Best of all, Romertopf crock pots do not require the use of additional oils or fats. In fact, most of the fat in meats must be removed to ensure better results and an even healthier diet. Romertopf earthenware pots are made to extremely high standards and specifications to ensure that they contain no lead or cadmium within the pottery. Terracotta pots are not glazed, which explains their ability to release water as steam during the cooking process.

Reco brings the Romertopf Crock Pot cooking experience to the Americas in a multitude of sizes and uses. A small rotisserie is perfect for a small dinner for two, or use the extra-large rotisserie for Thanksgiving or a family gathering. The dedicated vegetable lists and the garlic roaster, which is a must for any kitchen, work wonderfully and produce delicious meals. Romertopf clay ovens are designed to be used in a conventional oven away from the sides, but can be used in the microwave. If your microwave has a convection setting, don’t use it. The microwave tends to overcook in crock pot and it is recommended to use crock pots in a conventional oven always.

Reco also provides the best packaging to prevent Romertopf clay trays from breaking during transport. The packaging is specially designed to absorb all the shock of falling, moving from truck to plane and back, and any other shocks that may occur during transit. Cooking with Romertopf clay pots will change any chef’s cooking habits after seeing the results and experiencing the joys of healthy cooking. Great tips and articles can be found at Cookwareatysk.com for clay bakers and clay pots.

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