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Get rid of Safety Guard virus – Remove Safety Guard virus from PC!

What is Safety Guard antivirus?

just released Safety Guard is a fake antivirus program that was just released with several similar infections. It is a rogue antivirus designed and developed by some of the Russian and Asian hackers, which accounts for almost 20% of all internet virus and is really very annoying. To play games with its victims, this rogue software generates fabricated virus scans that display dozens of fake threats. This rogue antivirus may look legitimate, but it is not and should be removed as soon as it is identified.

What does the Safety Guard virus do?

Like other rogue antivirus programs, this rogue application also claims to scan the computer for malware and other viruses once it gets installed on the user’s system. After scanning the entire system, it states that there are several harmful infections in the system which need to be removed. Along with the list of infections, it also states that the existing trial version of the software cannot clean the infection and in order to remove the infection, the user needs to purchase the full version of the software. But it is highly recommended not to buy this bogus program as it does not protect the computer but instead fills the computer with more viruses and also steals some of the very important information from users’ computer. Therefore, simply remove Safety Guard virus from the system as soon as it is identified.

What are the properties of the fake Safety Guard antivirus?

Some of the properties of this fake antivirus are the following:

  • It connects to the internet automatically.
  • Automatically change browser settings.
  • It displays commercial ads as pop-ups.
  • It stays in the background and operates from there.

How to remove Safety Guard virus from PC?

Removing this fake antivirus is very easy, just a few manual methods and you are done. The methods involved in the manual removal of this rogue program are as follows:

  • Kill related processes –
  1. SafetyGuard.exe
  2. uninstall.exe
  • Delete registry values ​​-
  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallSafetyGuard
  • Remove related directory entries –
  1. %CommonPrograms%SafetyGuard
  2. %Program Files%Software SafetyGuardSafetyGuard
  • Find and remove the files mentioned below –
  1. SafetyGuard.exe
  2. SafetyGuard.lnk 1
  3. SafetyGuard.lnk 2
  4. Homepage.lnk 3
  5. uninstall.lnk
  6. uninstall.exe

But manual removal of Safety Guard virus is really very risky, because if any critical files are accidentally lost during this process, the entire system may become unbootable. So the other method which is automatic virus removal by efficient software is the best and most effective way to fix this antivirus invasion. Just use the software and get rid of Safety Guard virus forever.

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