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Do people pass the AAPC CPC exam on the first try and how do they do it?

If you are taking the AAPC CPC exam, at some point you will ask yourself this question; Do people pass their medical coding certification exam on their first try? And how they do it Although official numbers are hard to come by, rough estimates suggest that only 40% to 50% of test takers pass on their first try.

The Medical Coding Certification Exam Isn’t Easy

Make no mistake, the CPC or Certified Professional Coder certification exam is a grueling marathon of an exam that lasts almost 6 hours. Medical coding careers and their industry are growing rapidly due to the federal push for the implementation of electronic medical records like ICD-10. This translates to better salaries and career options, but it also means that you become more competitive as more people like you try to get certified.

But people pass CPC certification on the first try or attempt

The good news is that between 40% and 50% of people pass on their first try, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. If you take a simple survey of those who passed on their first try, most will say that the exam is difficult. You will also find that the common things they all share is that they are well trained and have a fair amount of prior coding experience. Some go without experience, but these cases are rare. Almost all of his advice points to the same pattern, which is:

1. Review the official study guides.

2. Get yourself some training videos or blitz reviews online

3. Do lots of AAPC practices or mock exams

4. Plan and practice your strategies for answering questions and managing time.

If you don’t pass the exam, you can retake it until you pass.

The other thing you may notice from the advice of the deceased is to stay calm and don’t give up. Those who failed the exam the first time simply kept repeating the exam until they passed it. Sometimes it takes a few tries, so as long as your scores improve with each try, then you are on the right track. If you don’t make it, you have a free replay within 12 months, so make good use of the time to fully prepare.

Recover quickly and learn from your mistakes

Before retaking the test, it is worth examining what you thought was the problem. The most common complaint is the lack of time to finish answering all the questions. Those who passed away on their first attempt finished answering all of their questions, even if they thought it was difficult. Based on the many tips out there, it’s safe to conclude that honing your time management, answering questions, and CPT search strategies is often the best way to improve your chances in addition to knowing your topics.

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