Different types of wooden sheds

A shed is essential for personal needs, hobbies and interests. As we go through life, our activity footprints need additional space for storage. Our sentimentality, memory, frugality, heirloom potential, heirloom items, and our creativity to recycle merit the desire and need to invest in a wood-built shed.

The largest residential storage building that many of us use on a daily basis is our personal dwelling. The home stores many of the things that family members will use on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.


The next largest storage area is the garage that leaves the vehicle parked at the curb. The car losing its shelter is not beneficial to its longevity. It’s time for a storage shed.

Take inventory of stored items and determine the best type of shed to solve storage problems. Will there be a need for a garden shed, greenhouse, shed, workshop, playhouse or tool house?

A shed is worth the financial investment. A friend of mine had a two car garage in his backyard. This garage was used as a candle workshop, then became a costume sewing workshop with a showroom. On the last visit with these friends I noticed that the two car garage is being used to restore old cars.

Shed forms:

The shape of the shed can be a simple square box, a rectangle, a circle, or any other creative shape. It can be an open or closed structure. The exterior can be simple or duplicate the main house on the property. The function and decoration of both the interior and exterior of the building are determined by your imagination and personal requests.

Our hobbies and interests may require a structure that serves as a production and storage room. One of my neighbors makes pottery as a hobby, but later it turned into a business. Business was so good that he had an extra room built in the garage and it became his workroom and storage room. One of the doors was placed in the garage wall which was also the workshop wall and allowed him to move between the two rooms to move supplies and load pottery orders.

Advantages of wood construction:

The advantage of building a shed with wood is the ease of reducing, expanding or remodeling to meet changing demands. You can choose to design and draw the plans for the shed or hire an architect. It will depend on the complexity of the building. Construction can be done on your own or by hiring a carpenter.

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