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Cyprus property for sale in Limassol – stable and secure!

Most people have heard of the beautiful island of Cyprus. The southern half of the island has preserved many aspects of Greek culture; a great mix of Greek and Western European lifestyles. Limassol is located on the southern coast of Cyprus and is the second largest city on the island. In January 2008, Cyprus will adopt the euro, which is likely to increase property values ​​in Cyprus. Now is the right time for potential buyers to take a look at Cyprus properties for sale in Limassol.

If you plan to buy or sell property in Cyprus, Cyprus’s entry into the European Union is also a guarantee of stability and security. An investment in a Cyprus property for sale in Limassol will be a sound investment for your future – the island’s economy is booming! With the largest commercial port in the Mediterranean, Limassol also offers good import and export facilities if you are considering establishing a business there.

Apart from the tourism industry, the Cyprus economy encompasses a well-established mechanical engineering industry and international exports are significant. The cost of living is less than North America or most Western European countries, although it may depend on the availability of name-brand products from around the world. You will also not have any difficulties if you only speak English, which is not true in most other areas of the Mediterranean. Since English is a compulsory school subject in Cyprus, almost everyone understands it, although Turkish and Greek are the official languages ​​of the island. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to buy houses in Cyprus.

Cyprus properties for sale in Limassol will always be located not far from the beach, as Limassol is a sprawling city that stretches along the southern coast of the island. The city is also famous for its medieval castle and ancient sites such as the Sanctuary of Apollo on the outskirts of the city.

Cyprus has hot, dry summers and mild winters. Those interested in skiing would have to travel all the way to the Troodos Mountains as there is never any snow in the Limassol region. These resorts are only open for about 3 months of the year at most. The heat at the seaside resorts is quite unbearable at the peak of summer, the cooler environment of Troodos is also popular with Cyprus villa buyers as it provides some relief from the extreme heat.

From Limassol, there are two international airports (Paphos and Larnaca) within a ninety minute drive. Nicosia, the capital, is only an hour away. Cyprus’ modern highways make it easy to access any of the large towns and cities. You will have a lot to do no matter where the Cyprus property you buy is located.

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