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Last month we covered 3 ways to list builds that are doing especially well this year. If you missed the article, you might want to go back and see how to build your list with Facebook live videos, guest posting with updates, and hosting a virtual summit.

Today we have three more list building techniques that are working very well this year.

And before I started, I only had one thought: What would happen if you implemented all 6 of these techniques in the next 60 days? Can you imagine how quickly your list could grow?

Hmm. Something worth thinking about. And definitely something worth doing. This is because if your list isn’t growing, chances are your income will either stagnate if you’re lucky or decline if you’re like most marketers.

The fact is, there are two types of customers who tend to buy more from you. You are the fan who will buy almost everything you recommend or believe. The second is the new member on the list who right now thinks you are a fashionable person. And you! But the problem is that sooner or later they will become attached to someone else or lose interest in the subject, and then they will stop being a great customer.

This is why you always need to create lists.

Let us begin:

Method # 1: Give the bonus

This one is simple and fast. You take one of your products and offer it to someone who is about to launch a product. Your product then becomes your product voucher.

To be effective, you need to offer a product that is currently selling well, or at least has been selling well recently. This will make it easier for the product launcher to say yes.

Your product should also be a great fit without duplicating content. For example, if you are selling a course on meditation, you can offer your product for good sleep, stress relief, or clearer thinking – all the benefits of meditation.

Everyone who purchases the product from launch will be added to your list, so you can send them the gift.

Method n. # 2: run webinar giveaways

When you publish a new blog post on how to do something or achieve some kind of result, also offer a free webinar.

To attract people to the webinar and get them to join your list, you will offer an incentive. It should be something that people like and is closely related to the topic of the blog post.

Once people hit your webinar, let them know how to get the giveaway, show them the content of the blog post, and at the end, present your paid product that is directly related to the blog post.

This is what the sequence looks like:

Post a blog post

Offer a free webinar to blog post readers

Also inform all social media users about the webinar

The incentive to participate in the webinar is that you are teaching the content of the blog post (and something else) AND giving away something really attractive and valuable.

In the webinar, give them the URL to download the giveaway (they give their email address so you know where to send it). Show the content of the blog post. And present a product that is directly related to the blog post.

Don’t forget to record the webinar and place it in your blog post. This will keep new people attending the webinar and signing up for the attractive giveaway, as well as purchasing your paid product.

And of course you can still send people to the recorded webinar via social media.

Rinse and repeat.

Method # 3: Get New Subscribers to Tell Their Friends

With a tool like SmartBribe, you can bribe your new subscribers to tell other people about you via social media.

Is that how it works:

You need a lead magnet. Identify the most popular and incredible free you give away. Either create something new, or even use one of their products as your main magnet, whatever works for you.

Then set SmartBribe to gift something BETTER on the thank you page in exchange for people telling their friends about you.

Once your new subscribers tell their friends about you via Twitter and email, they’ll get something even more awesome.

One word of warning: most people will read this article and do nothing.

A few will choose a list building technique and use it to quickly add more subscribers.

But only the truly motivated will use the 6 techniques, the ones in this article and the one that appeared last month, to build their lists at an exponential rate.

And those are the people who will earn 6 figures within a year.

Just say ‘.

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