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Baby Body Butter – The Body Shop ‘Buriti Baby’ Makes A Great Bath Time Splash

With a relaunch of the brand in Fall 2008, The Body Shop is taking skincare to new heights with the launch of a new baby care range. With oil from the Amazon Buriti tree (pronounced “boo-ree-chee”), the Buriti Baby Care collection is perfect for new moms, future moms, and even adults with sensitive skin.

The pediatrician-approved formula is recommended for babies 3 months and older and contains no added preservatives, making it perfect for clients with sensitive skin. When used as recommended, skin softening body butter will provide hours of hydration thanks to the community trade in shea butter and aloe.

With more moms getting picky about what they apply to baby’s skin, you will be pleased to know that there are no parabens of any kind in the Buriti Collection. The range is available exclusively through The Body Shop at Home consultants through Holiday, 2008. Five products included the Body Care Collection with four additional accessories to increase the value of the regimen.

Packed with essential fatty acids (EFAs), Buriti Baby Shower Gel, Shampoo and Body Lotion provide gentle and long-lasting protection for baby’s delicate skin. For added hydration, Buriti Baby Body Butter is a skin softening treatment. If mom wants to bond with baby good time, the mess-free, nearly drip-free massage gel is perfect to apply while holding her bundle of joy in a close “back rub” position. You can even do it with one hand!

With The Body Shop touting “Nature’s Way to Beautiful” as its new mantra for a greener way of life, hopefully the company will yell from the rooftops about this powerful new collection of products. Instead, they have chosen to market the products exclusively through their “At Home” sales channel in an effort to build grassroots momentum for the holiday season. But whatever your focus, products like the new Buriti Baby collection are a powerful entry into the more conscious baby care market. With “natural ingredients, full of effectiveness” obtained with a commitment to social and ecological responsibility. It’s no wonder The Body Shop has been the number one “green” cosmetics brand for decades.

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