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A Delaware limited liability company

Delaware is a place located in the United States. Delaware is often referred to as an overseas tax haven. The question is why should you open a company in Delaware? The reason is very simple. You can start a business in Delaware for an initial fee as low as $ 89.00. The annual tax to be paid is also as low as $ 60.00 in most cases. Delaware LLCs, sometimes referred to as Delaware offshore companies or nonresident Delaware companies, are those in which no income tax is applied to business transactions and profits made outside of the United States and whose members are non-resident aliens in the US The cost of doing business as a Delaware company is also quite affordable.

The next and best reason to register as a Delaware limited liability company is that Delaware law allows the separation of your personal assets from company assets. If someone invests your personal property for your business, you will be solely responsible for the loss of your assets. Separating your personal property from business property helps protect your personal property. And it’s easy to do so by using a legal form to incorporate as a Delaware limited liability company. Delaware court laws allow you to plan how your business operates.

A Stable Legal Platform: Delaware has an independent commercial court known as the Court of Chancery. It is different from other courts where judges are elected. The Delaware Chancery Court does not use a jury and the appointment of judges is done solely on merit. The decisions made by the judges are issued as written opinions. As such, Delaware relies on a great deal of written legal precedent.

This makes it a unique system and provides you with a very stable platform to trade. In other words, the rules are very transparent and you can easily know the rule framework in which you need to operate. With little regard for business growth, the court reserves the right to change the rules based on popular whims. The Delaware limited liability registry office receives a large percentage of its revenue from registry fees. This is the only reason why it is a good center of attraction for companies.

Some of the advantages of incorporating as a Delaware LLC stated in a nutshell are:

– It has a wide body of commercial laws that causes a reduction in the number of lawsuits filed.

– Because the court is based on written decisions, these are very easy to follow and very transparent.

– Legal textbooks related to Delaware corporate case laws are recommended. They are even used to teach law students because of their well-written legal opinions.

Therefore, there are many advantages to incorporating your company as a Delaware limited liability company, especially as an offshore company doing business outside of the United States. Additionally, sixty percent of US Fortune 500 public companies, sixty percent of US public companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and seventy percent of US public company IPOs are incorporated in Delaware. Therefore, Delaware is a very good place to be if your limited liability company is incorporated in Delaware.

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