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3 reasons why women love a big penis

For generations, one question has dominated the minds of men everywhere: “Does penis size matter to the women in your lives?” Men of all walks of life and of all ages ask that question. When you get out of the shower and look at your erection in the mirror, do you wonder if you are equipped enough to satisfy your partner? If so, take heart, you are not alone. Men all over the world wonder that every day, even your father at one point looked down at his underwear and asked if he was big enough to make his lovers happy.

So is penis size important to women? Simply put, YES IT DOES!

But does that mean that unless you are a walking tripod, you have no chance of being considered a good lover in the eyes of your partner? No, it is not, and this is why:

The truth is that most of the time a woman who desires a larger gifted lover is not looking both lengthwise and girth. Women tend to want a penis that is very thick (at least six inches in diameter), heavy, and rock hard more than they are concerned with length.

In fact, the 8-inch length is found by many women to be ideal and more uncomfortable, so while you may want to have a baseball bat between your legs to gain more respect in your club locker room, it would be counterproductive. for you to be a lover who can make your wife happy.

Why women love a big penis

So now we know that women want a bigger penis, but the question is why? Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why women love a bigger penis.

First you must understand that women are visually stimulated, for this reason they tend to think that a larger penis is more attractive than a smaller one because it is more visible in contrast to the body. When a man with a greater virility is erect, he is seen as a more powerful and stronger man in the eyes of women and is therefore perceived in their minds as a better potential lover.

Second, women are genetically programmed to seek out a man with the greatest possible virility to help them complete the act of procreation. A bigger manhood means a better chance of achieving successful impregnation.

Lastly, a larger penis, or specifically an extremely thick penis, creates more friction in the vaginal canal and is therefore more stimulating for a woman than deep penetration. Also, a thicker man can better stimulate a woman’s clitoris by helping her reach orgasm.

What to do to get a bigger penis

If you are one of the men in the world who is unhappy with your average penis size and envies those men who were lucky enough to be born with a massive sex organ, you no longer need to be ashamed. Unlike your father, who had to learn to be happy with what nature had given him or simply not be seen with his pants down, you have options with medical backing. In recent years, many programs, tools, and techniques have been developed to help you become the man you’ve always wanted to be. Some of the most effective options are those that use natural-based supplements and simple exercises that can add inches for you and girth for her.

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